Test Equipment, Detection Products & Technical Services for the Sub-Surface Telecom & Utilities Markets



IPEG serve the telecommunications, pipeline and utility industries. We provide technology solutions to improve damage prevention, location and mapping of buried assets.

We deliver niche, practical solutions to operational problems that enable our customers to safely and cost effectively manage their networks and facilities. We focus R&D expenditure where it counts most; on the end user.

IPEG possess a rare blend of technical knowledge and commercial experience  combined with a willingness to listen, learn and solve our customers problems.  Our ability to recognize a problem as an opportunity is the foundation of our business.

First class products and services - delivered on time.

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Our technical staff understand the importance of field work and real world problem solving and know that a solution is more likely to start with data capture and testing in a cable vault or manhole than in a laboratory. We improve damage prevention practices while improving network operational efficiencies. Find Out How...

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IPEG provide technical service, mobile product development and equipment supply services specifically to the telecommunications, energy and test measurement industries.


"Concern for man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors, never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations." Albert Einstein

"We've arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology." Carl Sagan

"That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex." Steve Jobs

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke